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Who They Are

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Felicia Jones

Deputy Director & Chief Strategy Officer

Felicia Jones is the Deputy Director & Chief Strategy Officer with Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement (COPE) in San Bernardino, CA.  In this role, she supports the organization's multi-issue racial and social justice organizing through campaign strategy, coalition building, policy advocacy,  grassroots leadership training, and fund development.  

She currently serves as a co-chair of the Inland Empire Black Equity Initiative, a regional coalition of Black-led organizations developing a shared agenda for policy and systems change to uplift black people and communities across the Inland Empire.

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Tiffany L. Johnson

Reentry Advocate & Filmmaker

Tiffany's personal mission is to expand on the world’s understanding of the relationship between trauma, incarceration, and reentry in communities. Unveiling and dissecting the survivor's perspective of what it will take to thrive beyond hurt, shame, and blame through basic humanity. Connecting humankind through unity. Building a bridge

of diverse cultures, visualizing what a

better world could be. Having the fortitude

to challenge society's norms.


Tiffany's passion in life is to heal people's souls and spirits by revealing the perspectives of survivors of trauma, incarceration, and reentry back into a society where cultural perimeters exist. Tiffany’s mission will always be to bring the survivors' voices of trauma, incarceration, and reentry to the decision-makers platform. Connecting humankind through unity, building a bridge of diverse cultures.

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Colette Roberts-Durham.png

Colette Roberts-Durham

Worship Leader, Wife, Mother, 

Business(s) Owner 

the Director of Patient Care Services, for "Make the Caring Choice, Inc."

Dr. Nanotchka m. Chumley, DO, MPH.png

Dr. NaNotchka Chumley DO, MPH

Product Manager

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