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 Q:         What time does the conference start? 

 A:         The fun begins at 1:00 pm.  

 Q:         How early can we check into the hotel? 

 A:         Hotel check-in is based on availability. Early check-in is addressed on the day of arrival. The

             Marriott Long Beach's general check-in time is 3:00 pm. The Value Series guests can check with the

             front desk regarding early availability. A 2:00 pm check-in may be available.  


 Q:         Is late arrival acceptable?

 A:         Yes. On-time arrival is preferred. However, schedule conflicts are understood. 


 Q:        What meals are included?

 A:        Friday evening: tray passed hors d’oeuvres and light refreshments. Saturday: breakfast and lunch. 

 Q:        Does the conference have an age limit? 

 A:        Yes. The age of accountability; can participate and be present throughout the conference. 


 Q:        What time does the conference end? 

 A:        Conference is scheduled to end Saturday, March 11, 2023, at 5:00 pm. 


 Q:        Are there other payment methods for the registration? 

 A:        Payments for the conference are made electronically through the website. Feel free to reach out to

            a committee member for assistance. 


 Q:       What are the parking costs? 

 A:       The Value Series guests pay a discounted rate for self-parking, $15.00. Valet charges are the regular

           Marriott rate of $35.00.


 Q:        May I have the discounted rate if I wanted to arrive a day earlier or stay a day later at the hotel? 

 A:        Yes. The Value Series discounted rate applies for guests arriving up to three days early or staying

            up to three days later. 

 Q:        Do I need to stay overnight at the hotel to attend the conference? 

 A:        No. A hotel reservation is not required to attend the conference. However, discounted rooms have

            been blocked for your convenience. Click here for room reservations!


 Q:        Why do I need to sign up again under Plans & Pricing? 

 A:        The Sign-Up feature is designed to simplify the checkout process and identify your information. If you have a               Facebook or Google account, choose either to move forward. 


 Q:        Do I need to be a Christian to attend the conference? 

 A:        No. The Value Series welcomes any woman who has an open mind and open heart to attend. 

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