The Value Series (TVS), is an experiential, inspirational, intellectual, and spiritual process rooted in a theology of value. We believe that value is a birthright, a declaration of who you are not just what you do. The annual women’s retreats are a safe environment, an intimate space where, in community with one another and with God’s help we begin the process of deconstructing and dismantling that, which no longer serves us. Our past retreats have explored themes of Understanding Your Value, Letting Go-Another Act of Faith, and Iron Sharpens Iron–The polish is in the rub. The 2020 retreat will be About Enoughness. 


Our purpose is to help you understand your value. Our assignment is to help you launch and become active in the season that you are in. Our commitment is to stay on the journey with you. Our hope is that you will walk in boldness, have a greater impact, and access higher levels of effectiveness. 

So come, explore with us!